Friday, June 29, 2012


Although time has been hard to come by these past couple weeks, I really wanted to wrap up with a couple blog posts.

Over two years ago I came to Armenia.  Now, it's time to pack up and say some very hard goodbyes to some very amazing and generous people.  I have spent nearly every day this week saying good bye to 3-4 more people.  Today is my last day in my apartment. Tomorrow I spend a night with my wonderful host family and then Tuesday is the big day- I head to the US (right in time for 4th of July).

While packing, I came across my journal from my first days in the Peace Corps.  I actually thought I would be able to document my experience but much like this blog, time slipped away.  Here's a couple entries:

Danelle and I in Goris, Armenia
May 27, 2010:
Yesterday was the first day of my Peace Corps journey.  And quite the journey has it been thus far!  I arrived at O'Hare with Heather, mom, and dad.  We said our painful goodbyes and parted ways.  Mascara running down m face, I boarded the plane, all the while thinking, "What the **** did you just get yourself into?!"....After staging, I met my hotel roommate Danelle and we ae jumbo slices of greasy cheese piza, can't get too much more American that that. ...Today was a nice, relaxing morning.We didn't have to be in the lobby until 11:45am so I got my last Iced Grande Soy Chai from Starbucks and called mom and dad. 
James and his outhouse

May 30, 2010:
It seems like so long ago that joining the Peace Corps was just an idealistic dream of mine, that set me apart from family and friends.  Now, I am a part of it!  When our flight arrived in Yerevan, we were greeted by PC staff and some enthused currently serving volunteers (too enthused for 5am).  We got on 2 buses and headed to Zvarnots, ancient ruins.  There, I had my first Armenian experience- the bathrooms. It was an indoor facility but nontheless, a squat, no need to flush toilet....

Training host brother, Vartan and his mom, Lucine
June 13, 2010
Life sure is different here in the village of Fantan! A couple nights ago I watched one of my village mate's help sheer his family sheep.  Today, the village is celebrating a holiday. From what I understand, the family goes to a church to 'sacrifice' an animal then they come home and feast (if I think they eat a lot now, I can't wait to see what feasting is like).

Perhaps I'll add some more later but right now, I must go say yet another goodbye.


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