Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nostalgia on the Night Before!


As I finish up pizza with the family, noises of my one year old nephew and ‘Everbody Loves Raymond’ fill the background. Pizza, near-by family, and my favorite television shows (coughLawandOrderSVUcough) are all things I KNOW I will yearn for in the coming two years. However, I am confident there will be exciting new comforts in my new home, Hayastan (or at least I keep repeating this to myself).

Of course, I am not all confident about my choice of clicking ‘SUBMIT’ on my application 1.5 years ago. Thankfully, to relieve some of my worries and answer the typical trainee questions, many current and returned Peace Corps Armenia volunteers have come out in masses on social networking sites to help out. I am so grateful to enter into the Peace Corps during such a technologically advanced age! I guess I really do need that 0 degree sleeping bag and my mystery novels to keep me company after my PST(pre-service training) completion.

Right now, I will spend the last couple hours with my family and probably stay up all night thinking about what is to come. I hope the future of this blog provides you with a look into Armenia as I experience it for myself. If you have any requests or questions about this blog, Armenia, or my personal experience serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, be sure to let me know.

Maggie, A-18