Monday, February 22, 2010

The Details

When do I leave?
I will leave on May 26, 2010 for staging (orientation) in Washington D.C. After a day or so, our group, the A-18s (Armenia, 18th group) will head over for our 27 month endeavor. The first 3 months are for language, culture, and technical training. After a Swearing-In Ceremony, I will serve as a volunteer for 24 months.

What will I do?
Besides struggling to speak Eastern Armenian and adapting to the culture shock, I will be a Health Extension volunteer. I will work in a school, clinic, or NGO educating Armenians about health issues (it's pretty vague at this point). This is my primary assignment. I will also pick up a secondary assignment of my choosing later on.

Where will I be?
ARMENIA! A former republic of the Soviet Union, Armenia is land-locked by Iran to the South, Turkey to the west, Georgia to it's North, and Azerbaijan to the East. From pictures, it looks beautiful! During training I will be in a village near the capital of Yerevan and after that I will move somewhere else in country.

I know I am going to miss all things American so please continue to look out for new posts and email or write me while I am away!