Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Year

It's funny how your senses trigger certain memories. A few weeks ago when the daily rain in Armenia began, I started to sense something familiar. An Armenia I knew one year ago. Except then, that smell resembled nervousness, fear, uncertainty, and perhaps, idealism at it's best. Now, it just smells like home.

I've grown so much in the time I have been here. The Armenian people and the Armenian way of life have taught me so much. I have learned that hardships and struggles should never carry too much weight on one's shoulders; life goes on. History should never be forgotten; it is part of us. I have learned that doing the work now is better than leaving the sink, for example. Water, although necessary, doesn't need to flow twenty four hours a day. I can survive on a shower or two a week, and disguise it well. Getting to know your neighbors can save you a broken door or a trip to the store in the rain. Taking care of one's self, needs to occur, in order to care for others. Dryers are nice but not necessary. Children are unique, beautiful creatures meant to be shaped by adults(this I knew, but the feeling has amplified in ways). By pushing your ways of life onto me, you're not trying to interrupt mine, just trying to take care of me in the ways you know. Coffee and tea, bread, and food in general is not just to eat, but to enjoy each others company. Language holds no bounds to friendship or family.

I look forward to year two in which I hope to return so much of what's been given to me.