Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White...Halloween?!

This past week was Fall Break and I fully took advantage of my time off. Besides for visiting the capital, Yerevan, I have not had the chance (or funds) to travel around the country. Monday-Wednesday I visited friends in Martuni, a small town about an hour south of me. While some worked productively on a Sport Seminar, I caught up on movie watching, cards, and knitting.

Early Saturday morning I set out on an adventure to the South of Armenia…and an adventure it was! We took a four hour winding, taxi ride through orchards and beautiful mountainous terrain. About fifteen of us volunteers spent the night in a cave off of my friend Katie’s small village. Costume contest, scavenger hunt, and attempted fires ensued. The next morning when the bus driver refused to take the trip to the cave to pick us up, we were forced to walk uphill for an hour in a snow flurry! That’s right; Armenia had its first snow on October 31st. What a way to spend Halloween! After being used to the Sevan scenery for a few months now, this trip restored my faith that this is a beautiful place to live for a couple years and has potential for lots of adventures.

Tonight I will spend celebrating my brother’s last night in Armenia for 5-6 months. He leaves for Russia tomorrow morning and my father will soon follow. Then it is back to work for a few weeks. Ideas are flowing and I hope I can accomplish something at my work before winter comes in at full force.


  1. Hi Maggie, catching up on your blog.Love to hear you are doing well. I am going to moms for Thanksgiving and I am making all the homemade cookies for the holiday. Let me know if you want and can have them via Facebook inbox and I will see if mom can mail them to you when I bring them out on Thanksgiving day.

    love you tons
    Aunt Kathy xxxooo

  2. Maggie, can you forward me your address via inbox on facebook. I just talked to your mom and she said cookies would not be a good idea because they would spoil so I will think of something else for Christmas.... xxoo