Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looking Ahead

Today I pack my bags from the small village of Fantan and look ahead to the next two years of my life. We are officially done with Peace Corps training. The summer flew by! Six days of language classes a week, a sports/activity day for the village children, a cross-cultural 4th of July party, a few Armenian style Birthday parties, and two weeks of health practicum teaching later, we are (supposedly) ready to become Peace Corps Volunteers.

Tomorrow, we will be sworn in to the Peace Corps by the US Ambassador to Armenia. Then, we say goodbyes to our host family and friends. It is a strange feeling knowing I will be leaving 6 Americans from my current village behind, some of them have been a true support when things get rough. School starts the first week of September so until then I will be working hard at building relationships in my new town of Sevan and trying to learn all the Armenian words for "Sit down, be quiet, listen, don't cheat, etc."

"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect It's successful outcome."
William James

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  1. Hi Maggie, I see everything is falling into place for you day by day. I am so happy,proud and a million other things for you!! When you have time and you have the address where you are please send it to my inbox if you can. Well summer is going by so fast,before we know it fall will be here. What kind of foods are you eating?? anything different? I am going to see mom maybe in the next week or so for a sister to siser visit. Should be nice!! :-) well Maggie, if there is anything that you want please let me know. Love you, Aunt Kathy