Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two weeks in Armenia!

I cannot believe how much I have done here since we arrived. I spent the first few days in hotel with 57 other trainees learning the basics to Peace Corps life and simple Armenian language. Last week, we moved in with our host families. I am in a small village of appx 300 people along with 7 other PC trainees. We go to language class from 9-1pm everyday and spend the rest of our day studying, eating, and....eating.

Although I miss home terribly, I am having such a great experience here! Every morning I am woken up by one of my farm animals (usually the featherless rooster). The scenery in Armenia is spectacular! Our village group went on a 6 hour hike this past weekend and ate lunch on the mountain peak (ok, it might have just been a large hill).

Culture shock comes in two forms for me:

A) the food. Vegetariansim seems to be unfamiliar here so that has presented some challenges. A regular meal for me consists of cucumbers, lavash (tortilla bread), cheese, and beans or potatoes.

B) gender roles. My feminist self is very intrigued by the new found domestic roles and conservative public front.

Well, I must go. We are exchanging dance moves with my friend's host sister! Thanks for all of your support! I look forward to taking more time and effort making this blog worth the read!


  1. Hi Mags, Just read this with your Mom and sisters. Sounds like your starting to get into a routine and learning alot! Love, Dad

  2. Hi Maggie, I would love to wake up to a featherless rooster... the animal lover that I am. Glad everything is falling into place. xxoo

  3. Mag-Pie---Love hearing that you were "exchanging dance moves." Show them some of mine...but do it carefully. They may send you back to the U.S. in disgust after breaking some of those bad boys out! :) We miss you tons and don't forget about your letters!