Monday, February 22, 2010

The Details

When do I leave?
I will leave on May 26, 2010 for staging (orientation) in Washington D.C. After a day or so, our group, the A-18s (Armenia, 18th group) will head over for our 27 month endeavor. The first 3 months are for language, culture, and technical training. After a Swearing-In Ceremony, I will serve as a volunteer for 24 months.

What will I do?
Besides struggling to speak Eastern Armenian and adapting to the culture shock, I will be a Health Extension volunteer. I will work in a school, clinic, or NGO educating Armenians about health issues (it's pretty vague at this point). This is my primary assignment. I will also pick up a secondary assignment of my choosing later on.

Where will I be?
ARMENIA! A former republic of the Soviet Union, Armenia is land-locked by Iran to the South, Turkey to the west, Georgia to it's North, and Azerbaijan to the East. From pictures, it looks beautiful! During training I will be in a village near the capital of Yerevan and after that I will move somewhere else in country.

I know I am going to miss all things American so please continue to look out for new posts and email or write me while I am away!


  1. Hi Mags! This is a great idea to stay connected to you and hear about all your new adventures!! Can't wait to hear about your new food entree experiences!! It will be fun to see you and talk with you on Skype-we should get that set up soon!!
    Love ya, Mom

  2. Your blog is so nicely formatted! I like the color scheme.

  3. Hi Maggie, love the blog idea... love ya bunches, aunt kathy xxoo

  4. Good morning Maggie. I'm up early as usual and you are one one the first things on my mind. Hope everything is well with you.... you are a constant in my prayers and thoughts.
    Love you, Aunt Kathy xxoo

  5. Hi Maggie,Thinking about you this morning. Love you!

  6. Hi Maggie, hope everything is well with you.Brian and I went to Reagan and Rileys birthday party yesterday. everyone had a great time. we took alot of pictures.When you are settled I can mail you some. Going to church at 11:00 and as always Maggie,you are in my prayers and thoughts.... love you, Aunt Kathy

  7. Hi Maggie,hope everything is going well for you.Brian says hello to ya also.Any updates on the food over there?? i'm sure your host family loves you to piecess take care xxoo,Aunt Kathy

  8. Hi Maggie, Just read your most recent post...I live through your posts sometimes....can't say it enough how proud I am of you and your choices in life.I am truley blessed and honored to have the nieces that I have... xxxooo all is well in Chicago.We had a few days of pretty hot weather and a scarey tornadoish storm in Chicago Friday but all is well. Brian is doing well from his Hernia surgery and as usual I am recuing animals and trying to find forever home for them.I just recued four mama cats and sixteen kittens so far and many more to come...lots of work but I have and always did have a passion for animals. I often think of you Maggie as usual...Prayers are on the you bunches xxxxxoooo

    Aunt Kathy